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About Wilde Harmony Holistic Massage

It is truly amazing how regular massage can enhance your emotional and physical well-being and I have had first-hand experience of this. I turned to alternative therapies when my dad died and my partner and I separated. I resisted medication to get me out of a dark place and instead, turned to massage. From this, my passion for massage grew and set me on a life long mission to let others know that this can work for you too.

“Massage is good for the soul”


341 Barlow Moor RD
M21 7QH

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Swedish Body Massage
1hr £65
Swedish massage improves circulation and increases blood flow. Leaves you feeling energised and relaxed.
Deluxe Swedish Massage
1½hr From £92
This massage is the perfect combination of massage techniques to smooth and stimulate tired muscles. A soothing mix of essential oils will revitalise the mind, leaving you smelling and feeling fabulous.
Acupressure Head and Back Massage
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
A combination of massage and acupressure techniques to treat the back and the head.
1hr Back Massage
1hr From £65
Do you sit for too long at your desk? Too many people are living with back pain that can be eliminated with regular massage. Not only can you stop the pain, you can improve your posture and feel more energised.
The Ultimate Stress Buster
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
This is the massage that eliminates stress by using smooth, almost hypnotic movements to create harmony in mind and body. Aids lymphatic drainage and stimulates the immune system. An individual blend of aromatherapy oils is designed to leave you floating off the table.
1hr From £59
Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, this could be your solution. Reflexology is no ordinary foot massage, it concentrates on all areas of the feet which correspond with the organs and systems of the body. Improves the well-being of the organs and relaxes deeply.
Back Massage with Reflexology
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
A great treatment for relaxing. An excellent mix and match massage.
Heal your head
1hr From £65
Do you suffer with headaches? Why not drift into a state of deep relaxation with this healing massage. This back, neck, face and head massage ensures all traces of tension melt away.
Sports Massage
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
Sports massage helps increase blood circulation, promotes muscle growth and encourages a fast recovery ensuring you are fit and ready to perform again as soon as possible.
Myo Fascial Release with Deep Tissue
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
This treatment is great for targeting the areas that are causing problems. Through gentle muscle manipulation combined with energising massage, you can be on the road to recovery.
Injury and Pain Therapeutic massage
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
During a therapeutic massage, a firmer pressure is used and more specific attention is paid to muscle knots or trigger points. This massage can help ease tension, increase range of motion and relieve chronic pain.
Pregnancy Massage
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
This pre-natal treatment offers ‘mothers-to-be’ a safe, relaxing environment to ease those pregnancy discomforts. This massage improves sleep, reduces anxiety and helps to calm both mother and baby.
Hot Stone Therapy
1hr From £69 / 1½hr From £92
This massage melts away tension, eases stiffness and relaxes the deeper muscles that other massages cannot reach. The hot basalt stones not only calm the nervous system. Ideal for those who want a deeper relaxation.
Deep Tissue Energising Massage
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
A strengthening and uplifting treatment, specifically designed for tight and fatigued muscles. Gentle manipulation of stiff joints combined with massage techniques that work deep into the muscle.
Deep Bamboo Massage for runners
1hr From £69 / 1½hr From £92
This is a deep tissue massage with a difference! The bamboo sticks are used to warm up the muscles quicker than a normal deep tissue massage, This allows the muscle to entirely relax and enables the therapist to help repair and revive the muscles.
Indian Head Massage and Reflexology Points
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
This massage is perfect for those people who sit at a desk and have neck and shoulder stiffness. The massage techniques that are used will deeply relax you and melt away all signs of tension.
The Essential Experience
1hr From £65 / 1½hr From £92
This massage is ideal for those who like a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage. A mix of essential oils is used to enhance your mood. The perfect treatment to release your knots and relieve your tension.
Hawaiian Release
1½hr From £92 / 2hr From £122
This massage helps you to release any negative energy and let go of old behaviours that could be holding you back. Long continuous strokes are designed to help the body do this. This Lomi Lomi retreat is guaranteed to leave you feeling peaceful, harmonious and rested.
Bali Bliss (Best Seller)
1½hr From £92 / 2hr From £122
Balinese massage is a full-body, deep tissue treatment. Gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology techniques and aromatherapy are used to bring a sense of well-being, calm and deep relaxation. Guaranteed to be one of the best massages you have ever had!
Fijian Lomani
1½hr From £92 / 2hr From £122
A unique healing massage which is generations old. This restoring massage is a combination of slow, powerful strokes, tracing the energy lines of the body to restore natural flow.
Luxury Bamboo Massage
1½hr From £92 / 2hr From £122
Bamboo massage originates from China, Japan and Indonesia and bamboo itself is thought of as a powerful healing tool which is used to stroke, roll and knead the muscle. The heat from the bamboo radiates through the body which calms the central nervous system and promotes a sense of well-being.
The Amazing Massage Face-lift
1hr £60
This massage truly is an amazing non-invasive approach to restoring your youthful vitality. It increases the skin's elasticity and tighten the facial contours reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Wilde Escape Two Hour Luxury Massage
2hrs £142
This pure luxury treatment is ideal for those who have trouble relaxing and want to be pampered from head to toe. You can choose a combination of hot stones, aromatherapy, hand and foot reflexology, acupressure, face, and head massage.Guaranteed to be the most indulgent treatment you've ever had.
Couples Massage
1hr £130 / 1½hr £184
Do you and your friend/partner want to feel totally relaxed at the same time? If so, choose the couples massage. To book please call us on 07486658158 and we will book you in asap.

Office Massage

How can onsite massages improve your business?

Office massage is an extremely cost-effective way to reduce physical and mental stress as well as being extremely popular with employees. 

By adding on-site massage to your employee health and well-being programmes, you’ll be able to promote a healthier and happier environment in the workplace. This will lead to increased motivation and productivity. 

Here are a few of the benefits of massage:

Reduces stress and tension
Increases blood circulation
Lowers blood pressure
Relieves neck and shoulder discomfort
Relaxes the nervous system
Boosts the immune system

Our refreshing and energising office massage treatments are easily carried out on your premises and our expertly trained therapists fit seamlessly into your company’s daily schedule.

Prices start from £15 per person.  

If you would like more information about what we can do in your office, please fill in the form and Catherine will get back to you to discuss your requirements. 

    20% discount for your friend, and Half Price for you!

    Your friend can book and choose ‘refer a friend (deposit only)’ or call 07486 658158 for more information.

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    Treat yourself to a massage package today

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